Top Online Guitar Lessons

There have been a number of online guitar lessons over the years. Most of these have undergone growth and transformation in such a way that only top quality content is availed to learners. There has also been an adoption of modern technologies into the platforms making them up to par with what many clients expect. Sometimes it can be hard to choose who the best is when it comes to online guitar lessons. Two stellar platforms, however, seem to stand out – Jamplay and Guitar Tricks. Here is a quick overview of the features and reasons as to why these two are the top online guitar lessons ( ).

Best Online Guitar Lessons

Quality material

Of the two companies, Jamplay is the newer company having been established in 2006. Guitar Tricks ( was founded in 1998. They both share a common understanding of quality as can be seen from their content. Most of the video lessons from these companies are in high definition. The audio quality is also very satisfactory. When it comes to instruction, the companies boast of professional tutors who have a deep understanding of both playing and teaching. One of the best features that both companies have is the inclusion of different phases or levels to enable learners to evaluate and scale up their skills.


The most vital aspect of any institution of learning is to cover all the scopes of the course both deeply and widely. It is a great relief to see two companies that borrow from this standard by providing content that is not only deep but also extensive. In both Guitar Tricks and Jamplay (; learners will be able to learn guitar theory, practice, and also access useful tools like chord finders and reference tuners. There are not many other platforms of learning, whether online or offline, where such material can be availed both effectively and efficiently. There are hundreds of recorded learning material in both companies, presented in an organized and professional manner.


Guitar playing is a skill that somebody lives with throughout their lifetime. There are changes, improvements and new material every once in a while which a guitarist might be pleased to know about. The key thing that puts Guitar Tricks and Jamplay ahead every other online guitar course is the resources they offer on their programs. Things like community forums, live lessons and subscription enable learners and experts keep coming back even after they have finished the course. Both programs are regularly updated and reflect what is relevant.

Today, a simple online search for best online guitar lessons 2017 will bombard you with thousands and millions of results. At a time when the levels of marketing and promotion have gone on a very professional scale, it will not be easy to pick out the best program. In fact, some of the low-quality online lessons will have really high levels of marketing and thus seem genuine. These programs will lack many of the features that really make a good guitarist. Jamplay and Guitar Tricks have remained the top online guitar lessons providers, hence the reason they are still recommended for learning guitar in 2016.